the Good Graces

Home of Kim Ware's indie-folk collective and related projects

"Really emotional and really good" -Noisey
"If Yo La Tengo’s quieter songs had more of a folksy feel to them, it might sound sorta like this.” -Stomp and Stammer
"The music is excellent. Some of the words are too sad." -Kim's mom
2016 Great American Song Content finalist, Folk/Americana - "Cold in California"
2017 Great American Song Contest finalist, Folk/Americana - "7-Year Sentence (Going to Hell)"
Official showcases at NXNE (2014), 30A Songwriters Festival (2017)

the Good Graces is an indie-folk/Americana collective fronted by singer-songwriter Kim Ware and based in Atlanta, GA. Since its inception in 2006, after Kim picked up an acoustic guitar at the late Lakewood Antiques Market that summer, tGG has toured up and down the east coast, down to Texas, over to California, and performed at such festivals as 30A, NXNE, and the Athens Pop Festival. In 2015, Kim's song "Cold in California" caught the attention of the Indigo Girls, and the band was invited by the renowned duo to support some midwest and southeast shows during their summer tour. This proved to be career and life-changing for Kim, helping her gain more confidence in her songwriting and singing. Shortly thereafter, Kim began work on tGG's 4th full-length album, "Set Your Sights." Released independently in conjunction with the Chapel Hill/Durham, NC-based boutique label PotLuck Foundation, "Set Your Sights" places Kim's heart-on-her-sleeve songwriting and earnest, honest lyrical delivery at the forefront of an atmospheric sonic expedition, led by producer / guitarist Jonny Daly and supported by a long list of players from Atlanta and the southeast. Kim is currently working on songs for a follow-up LP, to be released in 2019.